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    Akrostiş is an initiative of Arte, a cultural organization based in Heusden Zolder. Akrostiş gives attention to contemporary trends in the Flemish and Turkish cultural scene. The magazine covers the poetic, the timeless, the visual, the audible and the exceptional of both countries. The goal is to (re)bind both cultures in a positive way and make them more accessible.

    The editors of Akrostiş are Gülcan Kahraman, Peter Weyns, Mesut Arslan, Kenan Serbest and Ömer Turan. Each edition has Flemish, Turkish or Dutch guest editors.

    In edition #2 you can read contributions of Tom Liekens - Umay Umay - Mustafa Kör - Küçük Iskender - Ivo Victoria - Kaan Koç-Max Temmerman - Mesut Arslan - Michaël Vandebril - Ali Lidar-Lotte Dodion - Serkan Türk - Danny Danker - Ethem Onur Bilgiç - Randall Casaer - Herman Maes - Ömer Turan - Kenan Erer-Akim A.J. Willems - Kenan Serbest - Joke Timmermans - Pieter Timmers - Aytuğ Akdoğan - Carmen De Vos - Hıdır Işık - Tuur Devens - Moya De Feyter - Narin Yükler - Selma Sayar - Maarten Deckers - Elif Erden - Peter Weyns - Gülcan Kahraman.

    www.akrostis.be - see teaser - www.facebook.com


    5 Jan 2017
  • Golem/Thomas Ryckewaert



    © Koen Broos


    It was a good première at de Singel!

    Next performance 14 december at Vooruit, Gent.


    see trailer

    see more www.hiros.be


    13 Dec 2016


    Now for sale!!


    Akrostiş arose from Arte vzw, a cultural organization based in Heusden Zolder. Akrostiş gives attention to contemporary trends in Flemish and Turkish cultural scene. The magazine covers the poetic, the timeless, the visual, audible and the exceptional of both countries. The goal is to (re)bind both cultures in a positive way and make them more accessible.

    The editors of Akrostiş are Gülcan Kahraman, Peter Weyns, Mesut Arslan, Kenan Serbest and Ömer Turan. Each edition has Flemish, Turkish or Dutch guest editors. In this first edition are contributions from Annelies Verbeke, Mustafa Kör, Griet Op de Beeck, Ali Lidar, Max Temmerman, Herman Maes and many others...


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    31 Oct 2016




    Opening from the exhibition of Emre Hüner - STUK, Leuven...with artist talk, video, sculptures.


    In his practice, visual artist Emre Hüner creates constructed narratives and eclectic assemblages which explore the subjects of utopia and archaeology, and ideas of progress and the future. In STUK, the impressive 3-channel video piece Neochronophobiq, with the contributing actor Tómas Lemarquis, is taking centre stage. It is shown for the first time in Europe after its premiere in the Istanbul Biennale in 2015.  Neochronophobiq - a conjunction of neo, chronophobia (fear of time) and ubiquitous - creates a fictional realm, almost an extra dimension, where the simultaneous desire for progress and absence of new technologies merge. Artefacts and rituals, architectural entities, unidentifiable topographies and the materiality of geological temporality play the lead roles in this peculiar work. The sculptures and drawings, to be understood as an accumulation of ideas and forms of materials of organic or unknown qualities, complete the presentation in this exhibition.

    21 Oct 2016
  • Leyla Aydoslu - Coup De Ville


    More than 30 artists from Belgium and every corner of the world use their works of art to take you for a walk through the city centre. They let themselves be inspired by both the poetry of everyday life and the big challenges of our time. What can classical mastery still mean in an era of digital revolution? And how do you process the echoes of the past? Using drawings, paintings, sculptures, sound scapes, photography, film and opinionated interventions artists enter into a dialogue with the environment. As a result, you will get an intimate view on art, architecture and the people behind the facade.


    Leyla Aydoslu is participating with an in situ installation in the garden of the main location, Huis Jan Buytaert, Apostelstraat 20.


    from 9 September until 9 October 2016


    see more www.leylaaydoslu.com

    see more www.warp-art.be

    5 Sep 2016
  • VOICING PIECES - Begum Erciyas

    © Begüm Erciyas


    Premiére 27,28,29 August 2016 @ Tanzfabrik Berlin - #Uferstudios


    “Voicing Pieces“ is an exploration of the poetic and political powers of the audience’s voice. Oaths, testimonies, prayers, but also poems unfold their performative power only when spoken out. The voice doesn’t add anything to the content, however the written or memorized text has to be put into use, into practice, articulated by the voice and tied to a body, for it to have an effect.

    "Voicing Pieces" proposes to regard the act of speaking, while simultaneously listening to one's own voice, as a theater. One's own voice becomes the site of the event. One's own voice can become a spectacle, a fascination or a surprise. 


    Concept: Begüm Erciyas, Realisation: Begüm Erciyas and Matthias Meppelink, Text: Matthias Meppelink, Begüm Erciyas, Jacob Wren, Artistic collaboration: Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias, Dramaturgy: Marnix Rummens, Stage Set: Tim Vanhentenryk, Production Management and PR: Barbara Greiner

    Production: Begüm Erciyas, Platform 0090 , Coproduction wpZimmer, STUK Leuven, BUDA Kortrijk, Tanzfabrik Berlin/ Tanznacht, Supported by Hauptstadkulturfonds Berlin, Research Support/ Residency: Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk, Q-O2, FrankfurtLAB, Tanzrecherche NRW, Goethe Institut - Villa Kamogawa


    see www.tanznachtberlin.de
    see www.begumerciyas.com

    25 Aug 2016
  • LES SOEURS - Theater op de Markt - Hasselt

    © Zoilly Molnar


    two giant puppets dangling on strings

    around them a greenhouse

    - or is it a hospital?

    a leg moves an eye flickers

    a bird flutters the sisters rise


    11 - 12 August 2016 at 14.00, Villa Basta, Vissersstraat 2, 3500 Hasselt


    Les Soeurs is a visual and musical family performance in which two enormous puppets -two sisters- play a leading role. In a big and sophisticated installation a wordless play arises, circling around themes like vulnerability, (in)dependency and emotions. Together with the audience the puppets discover themselves, each other and the world around them. Who really pulls the strings?


    see www.theateropdemarkt.be

    see www.froefroe.be

    see trailer you tube

    5 Aug 2016
  • meryem bayram @ living the image #2



    KINDLY INVITED FOR THE ongoing EXPO in the context of WTS#4 festival, organized by Workspacebrussels on June 24-25 @ Beursschouwburg & ParckFarm


    Installations by: Robbert&Frank, Egon Van Herreweghe, Benjamin Van Citters, Rodrigo Sobarzo & Jan Hoeft, Antigone Michalakopoulou, Meryem Bayram, Tuur & Flup Marinus, Roel Heremans, Kosi Hidama, Müge Yilmaz, Stine Sampers, Matea Bakula, Nick Steur, Philip Janssens, Charbel-joseph H. Boutros, Nathan Azhderian, Jan Dibbets, Joke Van den Heuvel


    Performances by: Rodrigo Sobarzo, Fernando Belfiore, Emmanuel Van den Auwera, Emi Kodama, Katharina Smets, Jija Sohn,Julian Weber, Gosie Vervloessem, Maeva Cunci & Dominique Gilliot


    Workshops by: Antigone Michalakopoulou, Gosie Vervloessem, Luanda Casella, Elisa Yvelin, Emi Kodama


    see more 



    23 Jun 2016
  • Made in Berchem


    Open doors for Berchem's creativity...and a lot of rain...together with Extra City, Kunst/Werk, Gagarin, Tweede Verdieping

    see madeinberchem

    29 May 2016
  • I shut down my heart until the apocalypse - Biriken


    see vimeo

    10 May 2016
  • Waiting for Godot


    see vimeo

    10 May 2016
  • Leyla Aydoslu

    © Diana Tamane

    Practising in sculpture but trained as a painter, Leyla Aydoslu collects detritus and discarded materials to construct site-specific “constructions,” as she calls them. These sculptures emerge from her immediate environment as gestures of an endless amount of possibilities and variations. Simultaneously sensual, clever, immediate and referential to landscape and the history of painting, these constructions act as both determinative of and departures from their origins. In this case, the materials all come from Salzburg and surroundings. As Aydoslu is a Salzburger Kunstverein artist in residence this spring, she will collect materials and construct her works on-site.

    www.leylaaydoslu.com - www.salzburger-kunstverein.at

    10 May 2016


    Bringing together theatre companies and dance groups from Turkey and abroad with the audience, The Istanbul Theatre Festival first held in 1989, is an international event organised during three weeks in May. This year Platform 0090, as coproducer, participates with 4 productions.

    WAITING FOR GODOT - Samuel Beckett / Sahika Tekand
    3 - 4 May 2016 @ Uniq Hall, Istanbul and  21 May 2016 @ Toneelhuis, Antwerp

    SECRET FACE - Orhan Pamuk / Mesut Arslan
    6 - 7 - 8 May 2016  @ Modha Sahnesi, Istanbul
    11 - 12 May 2016 @ Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul

    20 - 21 - 22 - 23 May 2016 @ Salon IKSV, Istanbul
    With Meryem Bayram of Platform 0090 - stage design  


    5 May 2016

    Tuesday 12 April 2016 at 12u40 !

    see teaser on vimeo
    read W.Hillaert in De Standaard
    tickets www.bozar.be

    11 Apr 2016
  • Secret Face

    Listen to the radio commercial on Klara radio!
    > listen

    SECRET FACE première


    15,16,17 October 2015, t,arsenaal mechelen and on tour  in Strombeek, Ninove, Brussel, Genk, Geel, Tielt, Antwerp, Istanbul, ...


    With ‘Secret Face’ the Turkish-Belgian producer/theatremaker Mesut Arslan presents a theatre adaptation of ‘ Gizli Yüz’  (The Hidden Face), the only film script of Turkish author and Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk. For his evocative text and light choreography, Arslan works with a Flemish-Turkish team of actors and with scenographer Erki De Vries.

    text Orhan Pamuk   director Mesut Arslan   scenography / lightdesign Erki De Vries dramaturg Ata Unal  sound Stijn Demeulenaere with Yves De Pauw, Lotte Heijtenis, Deniz Polatoglu, Tom Van Landuyt technique Turan Tayar, Bas Banen, Dieter Lambrechts, Culture Crew costumes Johanna Trudzinski  regieassistant Çiğdem y Mirol production OnderHetVel, t,arsenaal mechelen, Platform 0090, coproduktion Europalia, wpZimmer, Istanbul Theatre Festival

    tickets: www.arsenaal.be
    11 Oct 2015
  • ...from Kunstenfestival 0090 to Platform 0090...


    Platform 0090 made a digital publication to mark its 10th anniversary, its trajectory from a festival to a nomadic workspace and its future plans with a “pool” of 14 artists. Première: 15,16,17 October 2015, t,arsenaal mechelen and on tour in Strombeek, Ninove, Brussel, Genk, Geel, Tielt, Antwerp, Istanbul, ...

    > read more

    9 Oct 2015

    meanwhile in Limoges, France...

    © Christophe Péan

    Un périple avec les réfugiés...

    Aux Francophonies en Limousin la création théâtrale est en prise avec les convulsions du monde. Auteurs et metteurs en scène cherchent de nouvelles formes pour parler de ce que nous vivons.

    par Marina Da Silva, 1er octobre 2015      

    --> review festival Les Francophonies en Limousin

    1 Oct 2015
  • Fragile City

    © David Bergé

    After its presentation on saturday 03.10.2015, the publication Fragile City by David Bergé will be exhibited as an installation from sunday 4.10.2015  -> sunday 15.11. 2015 in Netwerk / centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Houtkaai 15 - 9300 Aalst


    Fragile City revisits Le Corbusier’s Voyage d’Orient of 1911 in the contemporary context of urbanization with essays and work by David Bergé, Elke Krasny and Tülay Atak. It is based on urban curatorial research by Krasny and photographic exploration by Bergé. In dialogue with local experts in Athens, Belgrade, Istanbul, Rome and Vienna, Le Corbusier’s formative route was re-contextualized in contemporary terms. Atak’s contribution is an essay on Le Corbusier’s photographs as documents of an urban context corresponding to a moment at the end of imperialism and beginning of nation-states. With these essays and photographs, Fragile City is a visual, critical and historical reflection on contemporary urbanization.

    Publisher: MER. Paper Kunsthalle, producer: Platform 0090 & PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED.


    1 Oct 2015

    teaser se  vimeo...

    A text by Orhan Pamuk, directed by Mesut Arslan....last weeks of rehearsal in t,arsenaal mechelen...première on 15th of October!



    1 Oct 2015
  • Fragile City

    ...an interesting bookpresentation yesterday at deBuren, Brussel.
    book still available online --> shop.merpaperkunsthalle.org




    1 Oct 2015
  • upcoming -> FRAGILE CITY


    After the installations The Voyage Piece (2014) and Le Corbusier's voyage reORIENT ed 1911-2011(2012), a third and last work in the series is out now: FRAGILE CITY -- a book co-authored by Tülay Atak, David Bergé and Elke Krasny.  FRAGILE CITY takes the Voyage d'Orient (1911), the formative travel of August Klipstein and Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (the future Le Corbusier), as a historic model to look at the contemporary urban condition of 5 cities today:  Athens, Belgrade, Istanbul, Rome and Vienna.  With essays and photographs, Fragile City is a visual, critical and historical reflection on contemporary urbanization.

    upcoming presentations: 

    23 September 2015, 19u30, deBuren, Brussels, with interventions by Alexis Destoop and Teresa Stoppani (in English)
    4 October - 15 November 2015, installation at NETWERK center for contemporary art, Aalst, with opening on oct 3, 20u00
    publication by Tülay Atak, David Bergé and Elke Krasny  -  published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle  -  produced by Platform 0090 and PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED additional support from NETWERK center for contemporary art, Aalst, and Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek 

    156 pages, dimensions: 197x157mm  -  ISBN: 9789491775574

    15 Sep 2015

    © Emre Hüner

    Emre Hüner will present his work at the 14th Istanbul Biennial, coproduced by Platform 0090. The Biennal is organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and will be open to the public from 5 September to 1 November 2015..... a city-wide exhibition held in a variety of different venues.
    5 Sep 2015

    not a bad place for a production meeting...


    4 Sep 2015
  • KAMYON....100 times @ Zomer van Antwerpen !!

    Knack focus on KAMYON

    see more >

    trailer made by Deniz Polatoglu and Rudi Genbrugge
    see more >

    KAMYON @ Zomer van Antwerpen Belgium
    last tickets available  -> Zomer van Antwerpen

    12 Aug 2015
  • KAMYON - press
    Interview with Deniz Polatoglu
    more >

    Gazet van Antwerpen - de Standaard - Daily Sabah - Radikal




    10 Jun 2015
  • Mark Vanrunxt and Platform 0090 in Etcetera

    'Your absurd is our reality'.

    21 May 2015
  • KAMYON - premiere at Istanbul - May 20th 2015
    On the 20th of May Kamyon has its première in Kadikoy – Istanbul. Kamyon, a collaboration between Michael De Cock, theatre group t,arsenaal Mechelen and Mesut Arslan, Platform 0090, Michael De Cock illustrates the concept of illegal migration to children and their families.


    20 May 2015
  • from MODA SAHNESI to TIYATRO D22...from East to West...

    Taldans just played their two performances at Moda Sahnesi, Copycat is preparing at Tiyatro D22




    15 May 2015
  • e m w a p FESTIVAL again on NTV...

    We Need To Move Urgently - Taldans

    14 May 2015
  • Taldans

    Today's rehearsals at Moda Sahnesi..tonight first performance at 20u30.
    The after talk welcomes following guestspeakers: Ata Ünal, Berna Kurt, Elmas Deniz, Gurur Ertem.



    5 May 2015