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1. The new http://www.0090.be/? is online and gives insight into some of the upcoming productions of Platform 0090. Check it out.

New website 0090

2. In august we held a kick-off meeting of the European Middle Western Arts Project, supported by the EU Culture Programme and with our partners Productiehuis Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Arcola Theatre (UK) and Talimhane Tiyatrosu (Turkey).

We asked Carolina Maciel de França to join in and give an impression :

EM-what now?
It was too rainy a morning to be a start of such a promising project. As the four partners in The European Midwestern Art Production (EMWAP) gathered for their first kick-off meeting, Antwerp refused to show what a sunny city she had been. Sometimes. But here we were, with Productiehuis Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Arcola Theatre (UK), Talimhane Tiyatrosu (Turkey), 0090 (Belgium), me, and a never ending stream of grey moist outside.

After four short introductions things got very practical. EMWAP includes each partner bringing forward a production that will tour to one, two or three of the other partner countries. 0090 will coordinate and add to the dynamics by suggesting foreign residencies, foreign artists or foreign venues. The project culmination would be the 2015 International Festival in Istanbul, that will combine all partners and productions and include a seminar to present the results of the process.

Regarding the Midwest-philosophy, if you’d ask me what that is to me right now and I could point to you a picture of that meeting, I would simply say it was that. It is to orchestrate interactions between artists and producers from several European countries. To stage synergies, to coordinate moments of mutual artistic influence, to take people out of their comfort zone to see what happens when you put them in another setting. I could also say this project is here to actively obstruct any idea of a supposedly dormant/static/quiescent European contemporary art scene. Pick one.

As we went through the practicalities, the time tables, artistic choices, production schemes and timing, common grounds were found in humour and international politics. Please note that language was never a subject, let alone an obstacle. Here’s how you win me over. Or at least here’s how you really cross borders. Just as we silently agreed not to complain about the weather, there was the silent agreement just to talk art. Oscar Wilde once said that conversation about the weather was the last refuge of the unimaginative. So yes, no matter the weather. This project’s future seems to be quite bright.

3. Two of our projects are in full preparation.

The Istanbul based company Taldans just finished its residency in Fabrik - Potsdam and is preparing to come over to Buda – Kortrijk and wp Zimmer – Antwerp for two residencies.
A Speculation | Eine Spekulation , the new production of Begüm Erciyas will be in residency in Buda – Kortrijk and afterwards in Kaaitheater – Brussels.

For all info on these two productions see our website.

Begüm Erciyas - A Speculation | Eine Spekulation

Also mark the following dates:
16 november 2013, a semi-public “work in progress” moment of Taldans at Wp Zimmer – Antwerp.
A Speculation | Eine Spekulation will have its Belgian première in Kaaitheater – Brussels on 23 and 24 january 2014.

4. Platform 0090 is a partnerorganisation of the COUP DE VILLE exhibition in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Together with curator Stef Van Bellingen we invited Istanbul based artist Berkan Tuncay. COUP DE VILLE opened on 13/09 and runs till 13/10. All aditional info http://www.warp-art.be/.

5. 0090 will participate in the WoWmenfestival I Kaaitheater "a critical look through rose-tinted glasses", running from 10 till 15 march 2014. We will keep you informed.

WoWmen festival

funded by the European Culture programme
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