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     NEWSLETTER #18 - 2015
1. VERBORGEN GEZICHT / SECRET FACE  -  Orhan Pamuk/Mesut Arslan

Première: 15,16,17 October 2015, t,arsenaal mechelen and on tour in Strombeek, Ninove, Brussel, Genk, Geel, Tielt, Antwerp, Istanbul, ...
With ‘Secret Face’ the Turkish-Belgian producer/theatremaker Mesut Arslan presents a theatre adaptation of Gizli Yüz (The Hidden Face), the only film script of Turkish author and Noble prize winner Orhan Pamuk. For his evocative text and light choreography, Arslan works with a Flemish-Turkish team of actors and with scenographer Erki De Vries.

text Orhan Pamuk   director Mesut Arslan   scenography / lightdesign Erki De Vries dramaturg Ata Unal  sound Stijn Demeulenaere with Yves De Pauw, Lotte Heijtenis, Deniz Polatoglu, Tom Van Landuyt   technique Turan Tayar, Bas Banen, Dieter Lambrechts, Culture Crew Costumes Johanna Trudzinski regieassistant Çiğdem y Mirol Production OnderHetVel, t,arsenaal mechelen, Platform 0090, coproduktion Europalia, wpZimmer, Istanbul Theatre Festival

http://www.0090.be/workspace/Artists_and_Productions/emre%20huner - http://www.tarsenaal.be/programma/verborgen-gezicht-t-arsenaal-premiere-15-10-2015-20-15 - http://www.onderhetvel.be/theater/verborgen%20gezicht

2. from Kunstenfestival 0090 to Platform 0090

Platform 0090 made a digital publication to mark its 10th anniversary, its trajectory from a festival to a nomadic workspace and its future plans with a “pool” of 14 artists.
An insight on our website, click here.

3. A T M O S P H E R E - Kunst Werk / Marc Vanrunxt


27 October 2015  -  Kaaitheater, Brussel PREMIERE 
“It is not necessary to create Atmosphere on purpose. It appears as a result of the ability to concentrate on what’s most important.”                                                                                                                (Andrei Tarkovsky)
A T M O S P H E R E  is the new creation by Marc Vanrunxt. He works with five Turkish dancers whom he has met during a workshop in Istanbul in November 2014. This collaboration gives him the opportunity to (re)discover a number of themes and variations that form the basis of his work.
The title is a reference to Vanrunxt’s obsessions with time (duration) and space (nearby and far away), to a state of mind (nearby – introspection) and to a state in the universe (far away – observation).
Choreography  Marc Vanrunxt, Dance  Gizem Aksu, Asli Bostanci, Melih Kiraç, Orcun Okurgan, Assistance and advice  Marie-Anne Schotte, Lightdesign and technique  Stef Alleweireldt Production  Kunst/Werk, Coproduction Europalia - Platform 0090, With support of the Flemish Community.


4. FRAGILE CITY - Tülay Atak / David Bergé / Elke Krasny


© David Bergé, 2011 Lycabettus Mountain and Parliament seen from the Acropolis, Athens.
After its presentation on saturday 3 October, the publication Fragile City by David Bergé will be exhibited as an installation from 04.10.2015 until 15.11.2015 at Netwerk-center for contemporary art- Houtkaai 15 - 9300 Aalst.
Fragile City revisits Le Corbusier’s Voyage d’Orient of 1911 in the contemporary context of urbanization with essays and work by David Bergé, Elke Krasny and Tülay Atak. It is based on urban curatorial research by Krasny and photographic exploration by Bergé. In dialogue with local experts in Athens, Belgrade, Istanbul, Rome and Vienna, Le Corbusier’s formative route was re-contextualized in contemporary terms. Atak’s contribution is an essay on Le Corbusier’s photographs as documents of an urban context corresponding to a moment at the end of imperialism and beginning of nation-states. With these essays and photographs, Fragile City is a visual, critical and historical reflection on contemporary urbanization.

Publisher: MER. Paper Kunsthalle, producer: Platform 0090 & PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED.
Fragile City is online available: shop.merpaperkunsthalle.org

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