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  NEWSLETTER #22 - 2016
ATMOSPHERE - Marc Vanrunxt

23 April 2016 - NTG Gent, Belgium
- performance
Against the background of a city in political transition the choreographer Marc Vanrunxt and the dancers searched for the possible contract between 'the art of choreography' and the desire of the young dancers. 
Regardless the shared resilience, Istanbul is in almost everything a denial of the way Vanruxt normally works. The city is not just another context in which one can soak but it is a place where his basic principles of thinking, centered around time and space are being tested.
This collaboration gives him the opportunity to (re)discover a number of themes and variations that form the basis of his work, together with younger dancers who have had a different training or come with different cultural influences.
Together they want to be remembered of the political meaning of the body and dance in another socio-political context.
© Paul Verrept                                                                                               see vimeo - see more: http://www.kunst-werk.be/?rd_project=1047&lang=en&rd_project_type=rd_project_work


FRAGILE CITY - book launch by Tülay Atak, David Bergé, Elke Krasny

1 - 22 April - Geoair, Tbilisi, Georgia
- artist residency and creation of walk piece
4 May 2016 - Brooklyn, New York, USA - artist residency/performance
Please join us to celebrate the U.S. launch at Wendy's Subway - 379 Bushwick Ave - Brooklyn, New York 11206.The event will include short presentations by David Bergé and Tülay Atak followed by a conversation with David Smiley.
Fragile City looks at the contemporary condition of 5 cities today through the historic model of The Voyage d'Orient undertaken in 1911 by August Klipstein and Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier). It brings together unpublished photographs from the 1911 journey with Bergé’s photographs from 2011, as well as critical and curatorial essays by Tülay Atak and Elke Krasny on travel, photography and urbanism. 
Fragile City is a visual, critical and historical reflection on contemporary urbanization.
© David Bergé                                                                    http://www.davidberge.be/index.php/installations/fragile-city/ / http://www.geoair.ge/project/david-bergéhttp://www.wendyssubway.com/


KAMYON - Michael De Cock / Mesut Arslan

30 May 2016 - Brno, Tsjechië
Wendy's Subway illustrates the concept of migration to children and their families.The starting point is the story "Two small bags, ten million dreams". A young girl is talking about a trip to the promised land. On her road through Europe, the girl is wondering why she can only take two small bags and why she has to leave all her cuddly toys behind, all but one.

Like the girl, the lorry travels through Europe. The play follows the road that many migrants have taken and the audience, the children and their families who have listened to her story, will form a long trail across Europe.

© Christophe Péan                                                                  see you tube / see vimeo  / see press / http://www.divadelnisvet.cz/program/nedele/kamyon


IN LOVE -  http://www.divadelnisvet.cz Temiz

25 - 29 April - Centre National de la Danse, Paris, France
artist residency 
In Love, a two-part solo dance performance supported by objects and sculptures, is intending to activate the potential sensitivity of the inanimate. The movement vocabulary is aimed at turning the body into a moving sculpture. Everything is visible, and even over visible.
Part 1: I - In this world of over exposure, we navigate from one scene to another by weightlessness proper to tactile experiences. How to make a tactile experience visible? How to hide and reveal in a world of over exposure? How to make an image last over time?
Part 2: II - Part one deals with these questions whereas part two focuses on the conflictual aspect of any concept, in this case the concept of love. In Part 2: II, we witness how one (I) is transformed into two (II) over the process of splitting, multiplication, division, reproduction, reflection, repetition, identification, separation etc. 

© Irmak Altıner                                                                                                                      see vimeo / www.bahartemiz.comhttp://www.cnd.fr/

VOICING PIECES - Begüm Erciyas

26 April - 21 May - STUK, Leuven, Belgium - artist residency 
19 and 20 May - STUK, Leuven, Belgium - performance 
“Voicing Pieces“ is an exploration of the poetic and political powers of the audience’s voice. Oaths, testimonies, prayers, but also poems unfold their performative power only when spoken out. The voice doesn’t add anything to the content, however the written or memorized text has to be put into use, into practice, articulated by the voice and tied to a body, for it to have an effect.
"Voicing Pieces" proposes to regard the act of speaking, while simultaneously listening to one's own voice, as a theater. One's own voice becomes the site of the event. One's own voice can become a spectacle, a fascination or a surprise. 

26 May - A Day in Caveland! - Kunstenfestival des Arts, Brussels, Belgium - performance
Every day, for five consecutive days, an artist will enter the cave, work there for a full day, and then present a short performance that echoes through the space.
Begüm Erciyas & Matthias Meppelink (continuously, 2 to 3 spectators at a time, duration ± 15 min)  




21 - 22  May - MDT, Stockholm, Sweden
- performance
Bahar Temiz  - IN LOVE 
A two-part solo dance performance supported by objects and sculptures, is intending to activate the potential sensitivity of the inanimate. The movement vocabulary is aimed at turning the body into a moving sculpture. Everything is visible, and even over visible.

“There is a beautiful mess outside, how can you stay in?” is written on a city wall. “We need free space not castle dreams” says another wall text.

Two men are tied to each other through their ears with a ring.

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