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  NEWSLETTER #23 - 2016
Bringing together theatre companies and dance groups from Turkey and abroad with the audience, The Istanbul Theatre Festival first held in 1989, is an international event organised during three weeks in May. This year Platform 0090, as coproducer, participates with 4 productions.

WAITING FOR GODOT - Samuel Beckett / Sahika Tekand
3 - 4 May 2016 @ Uniq Hall, Istanbul and  21 May 2016 @ Toneelhuis, Antwerp

Sahika Tekand and the Studio Players who have started off their adventure in 1990 with Samuel Beckett are proceeding in 2016 again, this time with Waiting for Godot.

Tekand, sets out on the dynamism caused by the contradiction of  textual and performative elements and creates a design in which the pairs of director/writer, player/play, actor/role player, stage/abstract place can exist in a superpositional form and in which the elements of stagnancy, immobility and monotony, present in Beckett’s text, are each made into performative reasons and obligations; thus sets the theatrical show on this game.
The director aims to create an entertaining play and observatory process in which the music of the language creates the music of the movement, the music of the movement creates the music of the language and in which the stage elements such as the play area, play time, play light, play bell are directly involved in both the game matrix and the theatrical expression just like the player and the order of speech are, alongside with everything happening on stage is being present, possible, real and mandatory in the present time.

Studio Oyunclari, Toneelhuis, Platform 0090, Istanbul Theatre Festival
© Nedim Zakuto - http://www.studiooyunculari.com/EN

SECRET FACE - Orhan Pamuk / Mesut Arslan
6 - 7 - 8 May 2016  @ Modha Sahnesi, Istanbul
With ‘Secret Face’ the Turkish-Belgian producer/theatremaker Mesut Arslan presents a theatre adaptation of ‘ Gizli Yüz’ (The Hidden Face), the only film script of Turkish author and Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk. For his evocative text and light choreography, Arslan works with a Flemish -Turkish team of actors and with scenographer Erki De Vries.

Arslan will not only use Pamuk’s film script, but he will also represent the central themes of the story - identity, time, perception - by using an atypical casting and a very prominent scenographic light concept.

OnderHetVel, t,arsenaal mechelen, Platform 0090, Europalia, wpZimmer, Istanbul Theatre Festival
© Pieter Huybrechts - http://www.0090.be/workspace/Artists_and_Productions/verborgen%20gezicht

11 - 12 May 2016 @ Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul

A forgotten nightclub in the heart of a city, a bar on the highway or a shelter...
While four people wearing the enthusiasm and the darkness of the night on their face console the disaster in front of the door with lyrics of a song, a fifth just arrives with the smile of death on his face. biriken takes those who, merged in struggle, fear and lovelessness, test themselves with the transformative power of night to the stage.

Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Platform 0090, Istanbul Theatre Festival with the collaboration of SALT
© Dilek Yaman -  http://www.biriken.com/

20 - 21 - 22 - 23 May 2016 @ Salon IKSV, Istanbul

With Meryem Bayram of Platform 0090 - stage design  

A house at the centre of Istanbul and along the lines of our present time; a middle-class family living in this house... The urban transformation in the city gains momentum and dooms its memory to nonlocality..
The characters are busy with everyday problems and just like it was in Chekhov's ground-breaking Cherry Orchard, they are not capable of understanding that change is nigh, fast and without any rules. What always happened before in the suburbs and which they remained indifferent to, because they weren't familiar with it, now knocks on their doors and forces them to leave their homes and roots.


7 May until 10 July 2016 @ Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg

Practising in sculpture but trained as a painter, Leyla Aydoslu collects detritus and discarded materials to construct site-specific “constructions,” as she calls them. These sculptures emerge from her immediate environment as gestures of an endless amount of possibilities and variations. Simultaneously sensual, clever, immediate and referential to landscape and the history of painting, these constructions act as both determinative of and departures from their origins. In this case, the materials all come from Salzburg and surroundings. As Aydoslu is a Salzburger Kunstverein artist in residence this spring, she will collect materials and construct her works on-site.

© Diana Tamane -  http://www.salzburger-kunstverein.at/en/exhibitions

13 May 2016 @ KIM, Gent

At the occasion of 70 years Eric De Volder, the Dr. Guislain Museum organizes an exhibition together with Tania De Smet which opens on 13 May at 18u30. Şaban Ol and Mesut Arslan will talk about their fascination for the work of Eric De Volder.

KIM (Kunst is Modder, ex atelier of Eric De Volder), Oudburg 26, 9000 Gent 


29 May @ Extra City Kunsthal, Berchem

On Sunday 29 May, from 13u, Platform 0090 participates in Made in Berchem. Platform 0090 has its office at the Eikelstraat together with Extra City, Lokaal 01 and Kunst/werk. That day you can visit the exhibition, learn more about the different companies...and we organise a cozy street party!

© Shtick - www.madeinberchem.be

NEW!!  Café Extra City
Until 17/07 you can visit the bar "with a new jacket" on Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 13u- 18u.

On 20 May at 21u there will be a concert of Mathieu Serruys. It's the second in a row from a series of 4, organized by Jj funhouse.
Serruys experiments with tape, tape recorders and synths. Reel-to-reel and synthgrain, with minimal melodies. In addition, he is the driving force, together with Joris Verdoodt,  behind the BAADM Label on which he debuted in 2014 with the beautiful album 'On Germaine Dulac ', inspired by this pioneer of the experimental movie.

© Joke Desmet - www.extracity.org


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