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NEWSLETTER #28 - 2017

Platform 0090 wishes you HAPPY NEW YEAR
from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2017

KAMYON - Michael De Cock / Mesut Arslan
10, 18 January 2017 @ Akenkaai, Brussels
in association with de Haven van Brussel and GC De Vaartkapoen
25 January 2017 @ Station Josaphat, Gustave Latinislaan 152, 1030 Schaarbeek
in association with La Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus and GC De Kriekelaar
(3 pm in Turkish, 6 pm in Dutch)

Wooden benches are placed in the back of a truck. A little girl tells how she and her mother travelled across Europe in a truck like this, fleeing the madness, looking for a safe home, a better life.

With: Rudi Genbrugge, Jessica Fanhan, Deniz Polatoglu … Concept & creation: Michael De Cock, Rudi Genbrugge, Mesut Arslan, Deniz Polatoglu Music: Rudi Genbrugge Set Design: Stef Depover Animation film: Deniz Polatoglu Production: KVS Coproduction: t,Arsenaal Mechelen, Platform 0090, Les Francophonies En Limousin, Ex-Ponto Festival Ljubljana

© Stef Depover
more info www.kvs.be

AUTONOMOUS SCENOGRAPHY (child version) - Meryem Bayram
22 January 2017@
CC Westrand, Dilbeek

The project Autonomous Scenography is based on the fascination of visual artist Meryem Bayram for pop-up books. She developed a series of forms made of sheet cardboard which can be unfolded from an apparently empty flat surface to a whole repertory of evocative scenic elements.

Concept & objects: Meryem Bayram, With: Gaëtan Bulourde, Sound design: Charo Calvo, Light installation: Pol Matthé, Outside eye: David Bergé, Special thanks: Marnix Rummens

production Platform 0090 coproduction Playground (STUK kunstencentrum & m-museum) leuven, wpZimmer/Antwerpen, MAF festival/Antwerpen, Storm op Komst/Turnhout 

© Gizem Karaosmanoğlu

GOLEM - Thomas Ryckewaert
2 February 2017 @ De Warande, Turnhout

Using a stilled, filmic imagery, Ryckewaert combines contemporary science and an age-old human ambition. The desire to create (eternal) life goes hand in hand with a coeval fear: the creation of something that outflanks us. It's a theme that has been fascinating man for ages: from the mythical Golem, passing by Frankenstein to artificial intelligence. A visual performance on the small border between creation and destruction, between reason and fear.

Scenario & direction: Thomas Ryckewaert, Scenography: Erki De Vries, Light: Giacomo Gorini, Sound: Senjan Jansen, cast: Tina Breiova, Efrat Galai, Rosie Sommers, Jef Stevens & Kurt Vandendriessche, Assistant director: Sibran Sampers, Production: Wolff vzw / Hiros,
Coproduction: deSingel, Kaaitheater, Vooruit, TAKT Dommelhof, Platform 0090.In collaboration with: Kunstencentrum BUDA, WP Zimmer. With the support of The Flemish Community, the City of Antwerp

© Koen Broos


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Akrostiş is an initiative of Arte, a cultural organization based in Heusden Zolder. Akrostiş gives attention to contemporary trends in the Flemish and Turkish cultural scene. The magazine covers the poetic, the timeless, the visual, the audible and the exceptional of both countries. The goal is to (re)bind both cultures in a positive way and make them more accessible.

The editors of Akrostiş are Gülcan Kahraman, Peter Weyns, Mesut Arslan, Kenan Serbest and Ömer Turan. Each edition has Flemish, Turkish or Dutch guest editors.

In edition #2 you can read contributions of Tom Liekens - Umay Umay - Mustafa Kör - Küçük Iskender - Ivo Victoria - Kaan Koç-Max Temmerman - Mesut Arslan - Michaël Vandebril - Ali Lidar-Lotte Dodion - Serkan Türk - Danny Danker - Ethem Onur Bilgiç - Randall Casaer - Herman Maes - Ömer Turan - Kenan Erer-Akim A.J. Willems - Kenan Serbest - Joke Timmermans - Pieter Timmers - Aytuğ Akdoğan - Carmen De Vos - Hıdır Işık - Tuur Devens - Moya De Feyter - Narin Yükler - Selma Sayar - Maarten Deckers - Elif Erden - Peter Weyns - Gülcan Kahraman.

http://www.akrostis.be/ - see teaser - www.facebook.com

Meryem Bayram / FOURFOLD: residency from 16 January - 3 February 2017 @ Het Bos, Antwerpen
Meryem Bayram / FOURFOLD: residency from 3 February - 28 February 2017 @ Q02, Brussels

Michael De Cock - Mesut Arslan / KAMYON: from 30 January - 7 February 2017 @ Centre Dramatique, St Etienne, France
Thomas Ryckewaert / GOLEM: 10 - 11 February 2017 @ Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

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