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NEWSLETTER #32 - 2017

© Danny Willems

Mesut Arslan

4 May 2017 @ t,arsenaal Mechelen
17,18 May 2017@ Zuidpool, Antwerpen
31 May 2017 @ Vooruit, Gent

Mesut Arslan’s directs Nachtelijk Symposium (Nocturnal Symposium), a 1994 play by Eric De Volder. De Volder describes the Meiresonnes, who are anything but a model family. After years of sweeping...read more. 

special offer for 17-18 May!

production KVS & Platform 0090


© Begüm Erciyas

Begüm Erciyas
18 - 27 May 2017 @ Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussel
In Voicing Pieces, one’s own voice is staged to become the protagonist. In the intimacy of an isolated sound booth, guided by a simple score, the audience becomes spectator of it's own voice. The act of speaking...read more.

Production Begüm Erciyas, Platform 0090
Coproduction wpZimmer, STUK, Tanzfabrik


© Valerie De Visscher

FOURFOLD autonomous scenography
Meryem Bayram

residency 1 - 14 May 2017 @ ZSEnne Art Lab, Brussel

In the work of Meryem Bayram the intersection between the human and the environment is a central notion. With materials such as wood, cardboard and elastics, she creates installations that show the outlines of reality but at the same time reveal an adjacent, network of immaterial forces. She creates a...read more.


Production Platform 0090, OnderHetVel Coproduction wpZimmer, Workspace Brussels, QO2, Fiebre, Het Bos, ZSenne Art Lab 

© Dolls, Takeshi Kitano,2002

Bahar Temiz

residency 14 - 20 May 2017@ Tanzfabrik, Berlijn and 22 May - 2 June 2017@ Pianofabriek, Brussel
2PCC is the abbreviation for ‘two people in a car   and a camera’, a dance piece that investigates the emotional dynamics...read more.
Production Platform 0090
Coproduction Pianofabriek, Tanzfabrik Berlin

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