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NEWSLETTER #36- 2017

David Bergé
6 - 10 Sept 2017 @ Atelier Vlaams Bouwmeester, Brussel

Curated by Laura Herman
'A Distinct Effort' is the third chapter in a series of works by Belgian artist David Bergé (lives and works in Athens) which centers around a collection of 286 photographs taken by Charles-Édouard Jeanneret—who later would adopt the name Le Corbusier—and August Klipstein during their Voyage d’Orient in 1911.
At Atelier Vlaams Bouwmeester, Bergé focuses on the performative aspect...read more.


Enkidu Khaled
19 Sept 2017 @ C-Mine, Genk

Working Method is a workshop and a performance all in one. Theatre maker and performer Enkidu Khaled’s performance is a unique form of creative audience interaction. He combines participatory actions with his own history, emphasizing the power of imagination. During the performance, he analyses and simplifies the complex process of making theatre. Together with the audience he shows how adults as well as children can use his method…read more

Coproduction StormOpKomst, de Brakke Gond, C-TAKT, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with RBC/Upper Church

Begüm Erciyas
27, 28, 29 Sept 2017 @ STUK, Leuven 

Isn’t one’s own voice always inauthentic and uncanny? Who is speaking, when one’s own voice speaks? Rather than recognizing oneself in the stranger, Voicing Pieces is an invitation to recognize the stranger in oneself....read more.

coproduction wpZimmer, STUK, Tanzfabrik Berlin/Tanznacht Berlin research 

Mala Kline
13 Sept 2017 @ Spider Festival, Ljubljana

SONG is a project about language and our use of it. It explores, through movement, sound and word, the possibility of language that emerges from our encounter with the world....read more.

Concept, choreography, text, performance Mala Kline Space, Light Petra Veber Video Hana B Music/songs Nenad Sinkauz, Mala Kline Sound Gideon Kiers Producer Ziga Predan


Bara Sigfúsdóttir
25 - 30 Sept 2017 @ Ciplak Ayaklar, Istanbul

Bára Sigfúsdóttir (°1984) is an Icelandic choreographer who studied contemporary dance at the Icelandic Academy of Arts, in the Amsterdam school of the Arts and lastly at P.A.R.T.S., the school of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in Brussels, where she focused both on dance training, movement research and choreography....read more.
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