“Rossellini proved that all you really needed to make a movie was two people in a car and a camera."1” 2PCC is the abbreviation for ‘two people in a car and a camera’, a dance piece that investigates the emotional dynamics created by the presence of two person in a frame. The departure point is the question of how the perception of juxtaposition is quickly transformed into a relation, how one and one make two for the viewer. We would like to research different ways of relating in duo form and invite the viewer to question one’s own interpretation of a situation; how any relation is first of all a reconstruction through the process of deploying personal and popular historical elements. Thus any relation is a certain type of fiction.


2PCC is inspired by a walking scene from Gerry by Gus van Sant "2". Two characters, both named Gerry, are lost in Californian desert. Their march without water or food under the burning sun strains their friendship. Towards the end of the movie, we see them exhausted, barely moving forward towards their mysterious goal. With the rising sun, a new day begins, which will perhaps be the last one.


In 2PCC, two performers find themselves in a continuous march. Walking becomes a way of passing through physical, emotional and mental landscapes. In that sense, two people on stage become a projection screen for another fiction to scroll in viewer’s imagination.


2PCC invites the viewer to notice the narration that one is the author of, which is triggered by the perception of the number ‘two’. Two bodies walking one behind the other at a distance transform through time into two characters who walk together... one chasing, threatening the other... competing, waiting, avoiding, running away from each other... They become characters of our personal narrations. Thus the viewer can plunge into one’s own narrative configuration, shift from one meaning to another and witness a relation appear, disappear, reappear, transform itself and individuals in a continuous flow despite of the simplicity of the device: two people, a surrounding and a frame.


2PCC aims to transpose the cinematographic device into theatre, therefore follows a dramaturgical line based on light that frames the action just as a camera. The piece can be considered as a study on image making process. 2PCC invites to think on one’s own preconceptions and to question why these associations occur rather than others, how an image is processed and how we process an image. 


Concept, choreography and directio Bahar Temiz Creation with Maik Riebort Performers Daphne Koutsafti, Emmilou Rößling Light Design Jan Maertens Sound Peter Lenaerts

Production Platform 0090 Coproduction Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Tanzfabrik Berlin With the support of Centre National de la Danse and la Ménagerie de Verre.


1" Martin Scorsese quotes Jean-Luc Godard in My Voyage to Italy, 2011. 

2" www.youtube.com


Maik Riebort is a performer and choreographer based in Berlin. His works emphasize on the process to be a product and vice versa in dance. He taught “Viewpoints” at University of Fine Arts -UDK- Berlin, Movimentos Festival Wolfsburg and Tanzfabrik Berlin, worked continuously with Tino Sehgal for his artwork "Kiss" and "Instead of allowing some thing to rise up to your face dancing bruce and dan and other things", made works with Ismael Ivo, Prof. Ingo Reulecke (Ernst Busch Berlin), Andreas Müller, Nir de Wolff, Theater Vorpommern (Germany), teater limfjord (Denmark) and Keith Hennessy. He worked with Felix Ott in the production “An Iliad“. His own works were shown at Dublin Fringe Festival, Tanztage Berlin 06-09, Dock-11 Berlin, Hau 3, Galerie Dieter Reitz, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Oktoberdanse Festival 2010 (Norway). He recently started a collaboration work with Bahar Temiz on the work “2PCC“.