heaven and earth

With the festival Antwerp Baroque 2018, the city of Rubens celebrates both its heritage and contemporary creation. This sculpture, made for the ambitious exhibition Experience Traps in the Middelheim sculpture park, can be seen as the essence of a baroque architectural composition: a central ring open to the sky, structuring the space around it.

The building process establishes a literal connection between heaven and earth, as all parts of the sculpture were poured in the ground, then lift up and assembled.


Heaven and Earth, 2018

Concrete, steel, earth

Middelheim Museum, Antwerp

In collaboration with Platform 0090.




The Middelheim Museum has asked internationally renowned artists from different disciplines to present new or existing work inspired by the innovative ideas of baroque landscape architecture.



William Forsythe (b. 1949, USA ) acts as artist and co-curator. He is also integrating some of his well-known choreographic objects into the project, causing a movement in the viewer.


Other artists who will present a new or existing work for the exhibition are Mike Bouchet (US), Marvin Gaye Chetwynd (UK), Jeremy Deller (UK), Spencer Finch (US), William Forsythe (US), Gelitin ((AUS), Ryoji Ikeda (JP), Bertrand Lavier (FRA), Louise Lawler (US), Bruce Nauman (US), Recetas Urbanas (ESP), Monika Sosnowska (PL), Adrien Tirtiaux (BE), Dennis Tyfus (BE), Andra Ursuta (RO) and Ulla von Brandenburg (D).