staring at the sun

In this little Flemish art centre at the Belgian Coast, I got interested by two figurative sculptures standing on the site: Femme regardant le soleil (Woman staring at the sun) and La Caille (The quail) by Walloon sculptor George Grard.

For the show In de Steigers, curated by Welchrome, I proposed to connect these two sculptures with a 1:1 replica of the shadow of the IJzertoren, situated a few kilometres further. The IJzertoren (Yser Tower) is an ambiguous monument commemorating both the victims of World War I and the emergence of Flemish Nationalism.


Regardant le soleil (Staring at the Sun), 2019

Biodegradable paint, gravel, wallpaper, 2 sculptures by Georges Grard

Kunstencentrum Ten Bogaerde, Koksijde