ciel de bruxelles

Ciel de Bruxelles (recyclé) is a permanent intervention for Recy-K, the regional platform for recycling and circular economy initiated by Bruxelles-Propreté along the canal in Anderlecht. 


The intervention, developed in close collaboration with L'Iselp, proposes to use the Recy K building as a periscope: through a precise arrangement of mirror panels, the daylight coming from one of the sheds of the main industrial hall is channelled towards the long ramp that crosses the site from one end to the other.

In addition to illuminating the dark passageway at the heart of the building complex, this ingenious system creates a spectacular light call from Quai Fernand Demets - a circle of sky inscribed in a black rectangle.


Ciel de Bruxelles (recyclé), 2021

Permanent intervention for Recy-K, Anderlecht 

Mirrors, aluminium, wood, paint