you are an Object to me

Classic still life in painting is sometimes defined as the world minus a plot, or more precisely, as a world that does not evoke curiosity about stories. In that definition, there is no longer any drama. The term "still life" then becomes paradoxical, because life implies movement.


But a still life is not about lifeless objects or the absolute tranquillity of a world devoid of human meanings, according to art and architectural philosopher Bart Verschaffel. He argues, "In the painter's studio things may lie still, but in his picture they move."


Following her last performance 11 seconds, in which she made the audience look at a picture of a museum for an hour in a playful mind game about art, in You are an Object to me, Charlotte Bouckaert turns her gaze to everyday life. Her question: how to challenge the premise of stasis and immobility that surrounds objects.


For the last 10 years, Charlotte Bouckaert has been developing a visual language at the intersection between visual art and live performance. By staging images as a changing process, she invites her audience to become aware of the impact of their own perception. Her work takes a variety of forms including performances, installations, performances and videos.


Concept & director Charlotte Bouckaert performer Marie De Corte dramaturgy Bart Van den Eynde scenography Stan Wannet music composition Nicolas Roseeuw lightdesign Harry Cole costume designer Lieve Pynoo


Production Platform 0090 Coproductie KVS - C-TAKT - KAAP - PerPodium - Playground (STUK & M, Leuven) deze productie kwam tot stand met de Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap met dank aan Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek