What remains is future

an installation and a book by David Bergé
presenting Marc Vanrunxt


WHAT REMAINS IS FUTURE is an installation and book by David Bergé. Responding to Marc Vanrunxt's choreographic oeuvre, this piece treats photographs from the choreographers’ archive as light sources. Photographs are projected on various surfaces, to physically appear, then dissolve, intertwining with rescaled replicas of scenographic objects from the archive of Vanarunxt’s performances. These objects by artists Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Katleen Vinck and Kristof van Gestel, add to an experience imbued with many layers. The installation invites the spectator to design his/her own route and discover a synchrony within Vanrunxt’s and Bergé’s performative and collaborating gestures.


The publication extends the installation WHAT REMAINS IS FUTURE and contains new interventions by Marc Vanrunxt, Lieven De Boeck, Yasmina Reggad, Trajal Harrell and Gaia Carabillo.  The publication is available for visitors to the installation as well as through the distribution of the publishing house: Big black mountain the darkness never ever comes


First presentation took place at STUK House for Dance, Image & Sound in April 2017 and the second one at kunsthal Extra City in the framework of Antwerp Art Weekend in May and June 2018. 



WHAT REMAINS IS FUTURE (2017) was co-commissioned by STUK House for Dance, Image & Sound and Kunst/werk and co-produced by Platform 0090 with the support of the Flemish Community. 


technical direction Gaia Carabillo sound design Ilan Manouach graphic design Studio Christos Lialios production Valerie De Visscher technical realisation Gary Leddington assistant Naoual Ben Mahjoub production Kunst/Werk coproduction Platform 0090 residencies Studio Katleen Vinck, STUK Kunstencentrum supported by the Flemish Community.