The Bridge

a silent Walk Piece by David Bergé

at Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art (SMCA) in co-presentation with Bridges Festival.

curator: Domna Gounari

A silent Walk Piece is a carefully composed walk, guided by the artist in silence. The act of walking together in silence in urban space and being taken care of by a guide invokes unmediated communication and an encounter between human beings. According to Walter Benjamin, cities are a spatialisation of time in which by walking through them, past and present come to exist simultaneously.  The Walk Piece erases the differences between past and present time.  It proposes an altered kind of perception of the city, and will cut through the fabric of Thessaloniki, to then stitch it back together again by our shared act of walking. For the duration of the Walk Piece, audience members refrain from verbal exchange and taking pictures.
Afterwards, a physical trace of the Walk Piece will be archived at the Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art.


multiple Walk Pieces will take place on Thursday May 10, Friday May 11 and Saturday May 12.

Participants limited to 7 persons per walk.

Duration: 70 min.


Due to the limited capacity, registration is necessary.
A lottery system will be in place to decide upon the participants.

registration and audience communication: Stavroula Gatsou