kyklà presentation

kyklà presentation in Antwerp

Zuiderpershuis, Waalse Kaai 15, 2000 Antwerpen, May 20 (3 - 9 PM), 2021

With interventions of Juan Duque, Nicolas Lakiotakis and David Bergé

Organized by Platform 0090 with the support of the Flemish Community (CAP) and kyklà

Thanks to Katrien Reist

kyklà is a small imprint, a series of texts resonating with phenomena in the Aegean Archipelago. kyklà is a publishing organ founded in Athens in 2020 by David Bergé, and driven by a trans-disciplinary group of artists, exploring critical and experimental positions in writing. With each volume in this series, we are slowly forming a catalogue of liquid forms of modernity: corporeal bodies – historical and actual, real, and imaginative.


key words: island topographies, archipelago culture, experiences in landscapes, urbanism, architecture, corporeality, historical (dis)continuities, queer culture, gender equality, non-patriarchy, travel and tourism narratives, photography, art and poetry.