evolving spaces

Evolving Spaces is a new chapter in the BookProject that Erki De Vries and Pieter Huybrechts have worked on since 2012. At CC Mechelen, their exhibit will be on a considerably larger scale than before.The project consists of several stages resulting in a series of sculptures incorporated into the installation, as well as the presentation of a sculpture as a book at the finissage. Installation and photography are joined as two undulated forces, developed on-site according to the space at CC Mechelen.


In their collaboration, De Vries and Huybrechts transcend the limits of realism. By mapping the photographic image in different layers, they create a new physical space. The tactile feel of the photographic image gives an


Installation, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Saturday 25.03.2017 until Sunday 04.06.2017


concept Erki De Vries, Pieter Huybrechts photography Pieter Huybrechts scenography Erki de Vries coproduction  CC Mechelen, Stad Mechelen, De Garage, Platform 0090, Foundation Willame.