gökhan girginol


Gökhan Shapolski Girginol (22 January 1988), hailing from the Genk neighbourhood Waterschei, studied theatre arts at the RITCS in Brussels and debuted in film for the first time in the 2012 feature film Mixed Kebab. In the 2015 television series Spitsbroers, he was cast for the role of Ibrahim. In the same year, he appeared in the televised series Voor wat hoort wat as Kemal. He also plays one of the lead roles in the film Problemski Hotel by Manu Riche. 


Gökhan Girginol graduated as a theatre producer at the RITCS and then quickly pivoted from one project to the next. He achieved the final rounds of Kunstbende twice. In 2008, he also participated in the Kif Kif Awards. Later on, his roles include performances in Wachten and Mancha!.


In November 2013, he created and directed the play “Herzaman - 50 years of Turkish Migration” casting residents of prior Belgian mining centres. 


Under the heading Wie is er bang van de grote zaal? [Who fears the main hall?], KVS ensures time and space is made available for young artists who want to perform for large audiences. Workshops, master classes and sessions of all kinds are included. This season, it’s Gökhan Girginol’s turn. He first caught the public eye thanks to his Woyzeck interpretation. For his theatrical production Robin Hassan Hood, Gökhan reinvents the story of Robin Hood, where, in a very visual way, he describes the atmosphere of living a creative life in the fringes.


In 2017 he has resurfaced with his first solo performance. A swirling mixture of slam poetry, stories, drawings and live music, he brings across an opus dedicated to the ghetto. Ghetto Cabaret is a velvet head butt, a poetic uppercut compiling Gökhan’s love for Genk, Brussels, his motherland Turkey and his feral nature in one smooth motion. A unique mix of words, music and drawings.



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