cloud catcher

This project, born out of a collaboration with Simon Siegman, with whom Gwendoline Robin has worked for many years, is linked to the idea of the open landscape. They drew inspiration from the spectacular landscapes, deserts and mountain ranges on a previous prospecting trip to Chile.

In these arid areas, “cloud catch” nets are installed to capture the droplets of the morning mist, in order to irrigate the plantations. These nets are a starting point for creating they're new performative installation and triggered they're collaboration with scientific research. 


production Asbl S.T. 10 -13, Platform 0090 coproduction C-Takt, Charleroi-danses/Boucle Noire 2021 with the support of Federation- Wallonie Bruxelles scientific collaboration Denis Terwagne Fab Lab ULB Gwendoline Robin is supported by Grand Studio