coup de ville


More than 30 artists from Belgium and every corner of the world use their works of art to take you for a walk through the city centre. They let themselves be inspired by both the poetry of everyday life and the big challenges of our time.

What can classical mastery still mean in an era of digital revolution?

And how do you process the echoes of the past?


Using drawings, paintings, sculptures, sound scapes, photography, film and opinionated interventions artists enter into a dialogue with the environment. As a result, you will get an intimate view on art, architecture and the people behind the facade.



Michaël Aerts (BE) – Katja Aufleger (DE) – Leyla Aydoslu (TR / DE) – Younes Baba-Ali (MA) – Tim Baute (BE) – Clare Benson (US) – Ignace Cami (BE) – Anton Cotteleer (BE) – Sylvie De Meerleer (BE) – Paul De Vylder (BE) – Ella de Búrca (IE) – Karin Ferrari (AU) – Buntu Fihla (ZA) – Joris Ghekiere (BE) – Wieteke Heldens (NL) – Žiga Kariž (SI) – Fatou Kandé Senghor (SN) – Catriona Leahy (IE) – Dana Levy (IL) – Sanjeev Maharjan (NP) – Erik Nerinckx (BE) – Mairead O’ hEocha (IE) – Joris Perdieus (BE) – Stefan Peters (BE) – Bart Prinsen (BE) – Rashanna Rashied-Walker (US) – Maria Tsagkari (GR) – Katerina Undo (GR) – Jonas Vansteenkiste (BE) – Niko Van Stichel (BE) – Simón Vega (SV) – Wim Wauman (BE) – Chantal Yzermans (BE) – Dirk Zoete (BE)


a WARP (St Niklaas) project, with the support of Platform 0090


© Leyla Aydoslu, Construction LIX, 1230x120x120cm, corrugated sheets, bolts and nuts, tension straps - 2016