Marc Vanrunxt

I want to concentrate on some starting points: disintegration, the loss, loss of control, loss of form, loss of the self (?)
I want raptured dance; bleached, wiped out, cut, corroded, melted, …
I want to activate rough and vague.
I see fragmentation, the fragmented men.
I want to reuse old, existing movements, & transform, rearrange, reinvent them.

As a drastic reorganisation and as a shock therapy for my ‘archive’


Marc Vanrunxt about the creation of A T M O S P H E R E

In A T M O S P H E R E Marc Vanrunxt works with five Turkish dancers whom he has met during a workshop in Istanbul in November 2014. This collaboration gives him the opportunity to (re)discover a number of themes and variations that form the basis of his work, together with younger dancers who have had a different training or come with different cultural influences.

For Marc it was an opportunity to get acquainted with the city and its artists. At the same time, local dancers and producers will be immersed in Marc’s work. The idea was to take his oeuvre as a starting point to exchange ideas and concepts on art and choreography. This will result in an interaction between the ways in which Marc and the artists living and working in Istanbul are operating.

The week started with a ‘Marc@Monday Istanbul Special’, showcasing some of the key references of his work and teaching in workshops at Ciplak Ayaklar and at the Mimar Sinan Istanbul University. There where presentations of the performance Discografie (2013), artists talks and debates with local colleagues.


The title A T M O S P H E R E is a reference to Vanrunxt’s obsessions with time (duration) and space (nearby and far away), to a state of mind (nearby – introspection) and to a state in the universe (far away – observation).

choreography Marc Vanrunxt dance Gizem Aksu, Asli Bostanci, Melih Kiraç, Orçun Okurgan singer Els Mondelaers light and technique Stefan Alleweireldt costume 'Climate Revolution’ by Vivienne Westwood musique Els Mondelaers & Daniel Vanverre, Every Stranger Looks Like You, Gyorgy Ligeti, Deathprod, Scott Walker assistant and artistique advice Marie-Anne Schotte photography Raymond Mallentjer production Kunst/Werk coproduction Platform 0090, Europalia with the support of the Flemish Governement.

This creation will be a continuation of the choreographic parcour of Vanrunxt. The challenge this time will lay in the collaboration with a different group of dancers and in finding the balance between Turkish and Belgian artistic input. As well on the organisational-productional level as on the artistic level A T M O S P H E R E will be an equally Belgian –Turkish production as Turkish –Belgian production.  The production will be made with Turkish and Belgian collaborators, in Turkey as much as in Belgium and will finally tour in both countries. It is major concerns of Marc Vanrunxt to start this production form the equality of input and not to just invite one Turkish artistic collaborator to join a Belgian production.
The collaboration will be multi layered and innovative because of many reasons. The meeting with the young Turkish dancers gives him the chance to let another generation discover with a number of theme’s and variations that form the base of his rather Western-avant-garde body of work. Thinking of a generation of dancers with a different education, different background and a coming from a different cultural environment. The last couple of years Vanrunxt has been specialising in making specific solo’ for very exceptional dancers such as Kitty Kortes Lynch (South-Africa), Lisa Vachon (Fance), Mari Decorte (Belgium) Truus Bronkhorst (Netherlands), Igor Shysko (Belarus), … These solo’s where each time grafted on the personality of the dancer. Vanrunxt extracts and enlarges a kind of brilliance (referring to the French word: Brilliance) from the personality that is often marked by it personal and cultural background.  This puts every participator, dancer and audience member into a higher state of awareness.

This Made-to-measure way of working will not be any different in A T M O S P H E R E.

The scènographical input of visual artist Valérie Mannaerts and/or Koenraad Dedobbeleer will enforce the Artistic input. And the soundtracks of for example Eleh and Jakob Kirkegaard.


press The soul of Istanbul (NL)
trailer Atmosphere see vimeo