( it’s )  more roundabout


( … )  the slow realization


that something is  ( … )



artist book including 1 original lithographic print edition of 23 + 13 AP, handmade cardboard box 300 mm x 220 mm x 43 mm, lithographic print, digital color prints, cutout and embossed circle ø 150 mm


concept & design by Meryem Bayram installation & object & gesture photos by Katrin Kamrau typography by Stef Cuypers photos of sedimentary sand & limestone Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz, Switzerland Meryem Bayram text excerpt from Air-condition, 2005, Catalogue text of the exhibition Sensorium, Bruno Latour, Cambridge, Mass, MIT Press, p. 104


5 copies of this edition were part of the edition W hole, in collaboration with Hans Demeulenaere.


published by MRYMBYRM with the suppot of Platform 0090, Tique, Frans Masereel Centrum, Workspacebrussels and the Flemish Community


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