when in rome

A single woman moves into a family apartment building. One day her boyfriend comes over. What follows is a familiar story about personal space, hypocrisy and suppressed sexuality. The lighting design as well as the inner monologues and striking gestures of the characters will provide a new experience for the audience by enabling them to watch a familiar story through an unfamiliar stage language.


Mesut Arslan, known for staging plays as installations, will once again bring unexpected moments for the audience as he did in The Man and the Room, Betrayal, and Secret Face.


text Öznur Yalgın concept/director Mesut Arslan scenography Mesut Arslan, Defne Parman performers Ersin Umut Güler, Pervin Bağdat, Sermet Yeşil, Yeşim Özsoy light design Turan Tayar regie assistant Defne Parman


production GalataPerform, Platform 0090, Theater Onderhetvel