The mystery of the cosmos has been preoccupying Thomas Ryckewaert, who trained as a biologist and theatre maker, for some time. In 2019 he was on stage at DE SINGEL with Move 37, alongside Big Bang specialist Thomas Hertog. In his new creation Chaos, Ryckewaert again draws inspiration from science - although this fascination has gradually given way to grief and sorrow in light of the catastrophes threatening our planet and humanity.

More than ever, the boundaries between the intimate and the global, between our interior and exterior world, between reality and the madness of fiction, are disappearing. Science fiction writer J.G. Ballard already knew this in the sixties. Ryckewaert takes the audience on a blood-curdling trip along the highway of our contemporary consciousness, where the personal and the planetary meet.

Can you simultaneously grieve for a loved one and for the end of the world?


directed by Thomas Ryckewaert

production Platform 0090

co-production De Singel, Viernulvier (Ghent), Het Laatste Bedrijf

in collaboration with C-Takt (Pelt), BUDA arts centre (Kortrijk), Gallop Tax Shelter

with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government and The Flemish Community