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Voice artists Hoda Siahtiri and Caroline Daish invite for a hands-on introduction to theYouYou Group voice practice.

Together, you will discover the pleasure and joy of having a voice and making it loud with vibrations... Respecting traditions and heritage, Club Zaghareed is also an opening for new meanings and manifestations.


Club Zaghareed could be called a workshop, but it is so much more: a meeting, an initiation, exchange, a celebration of many voices. In three hours, you will get a step-by-step initiation into the way the Brussels-based YouYou Group has been working for years around the Zaghareed, the Arabic name for a loud, sharp trilling sound that many women in North Africa and the Middle East, among others, utter to express joy at festive events.

The cry has many different names depending on the region, culture or country it comes from, such as YouYou in French, Kel in Iran, Irrintzi in the Basque country, or Zilgit in the Kurdish community, etc. Because of diaspora, migration and globalisation, the youyou is everywhere in the world. With respect for tradition and a sense of new connections, Hoda Siahtiri and Caroline Daish will take you on a journey.


There is eating, talking, voices are warmed up, simple improvisational exercises lead to surprising forms to make the voice sizzle and vibrate. Knowledge is shared with and between all present.


Would you like to participate in this Antwerp project? Then come to one of the Open Club Zaghareeds to get a taste. Participating in an Open Club Zaghareed can also be a fun one-off experience and is not necessarily an obligation to continue with the art project. Book your place and indicate the date you want to attend via the address below:


And beyond? Those who want to continue after the introduction can possibly join us later for a performance 


YouYou group is a project of newpolyphonies and Platform 0090, hosted by Monty and deSingel.


Monty - Montignystraat 3, 2018 Antwerpen

deSingel - Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen


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