bahar temiz

Bahar Temiz is a freelance dancer and choreographer, born in 1983 in Istanbul and lives in Paris. After her graduation from the French high school Saint-Joseph in Istanbul, she studied philosophy at the Université de Paris IV-la Sorbonne, followed by studies in dance at the Artez Bahar Temiz is born in 1983 in Istanbul.


She started taking classical and modern dance classes at the age of 12. After being graduated from the French High School Saint-Joseph, she moved to Paris to study philosophy at the Université de Paris IV-la Sorbonne, where she continued dancing and collaborated with the choreographer Berrak Yedek and the costume designer Victor Féres on a side-specific installation work.

She studied dance at the Artez Dance Academy in Netherlands, Ex.e.r.ce (09/10) in Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier and holds a Masters degree in dance from Université de Paris VIII-Seine-Saint-Denis. She worked as a dancer and performer with Erik Kaiel, Willi Dorner, Dylan Newcomb, Superamas, Ivana Müller, Clément Layes and Marc Vanrunxt.

Since 2012, she has been making her own work “1+” (2013), “In Love” (2016), “Zee” (2019) and collaborated with various artists on “Song for the end” (2014), “Trailer” (2015), “M.A.R.S” (2017) and “Au-Delà”(2018).


She is interested in creating physical intensities through simple protocols in a given space. Space has the primary role in the way she conceives choreography. Each space has its own particularities and she intends to articulate its qualities in order to increase the contemplative pleasure of the spectator similarly when facing a landscape; in the same way as Greek temples give themselves over to natural views to provoke the feeling of being close to the gods. Her work has been presented in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Lebanon, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Turkey. Bahar Temiz is represented by Platform 0090 in Belgium and accompanied by Danse Dense in Ile-de-France.