Oertaal oefeningen

(work in progress)


In the beginning there is an ordinary girl, in the wild, near a river. She is given a task by the Gods: she must create humankind and she must invent a language to teach the humans everything she knows. After many attempts, the Oermoeder (our ancestral mother) would finally give birth to the creature that can learn everything from her. But her creature is a ‘mutaforma’, a shapeshifter, and it keeps on changing in forms and sounds until it - suddenly - disappears. 


Oertaal: oefeningen turns the room of the story into a cave, into a belly, into a mouth, into a dream, into a lake. Sound by sound, letter by letter, word by word, the play invites the audience to listen to an ancient, comforting myth in which loss becomes consolation, and creation can take place.


As a versatile theatre maker and writer, Enrica Camporesi investigates what language means and how we do and change things with our words. In Oertaal: oefeningen she spreads an invented myth in the form of texts, improvisations and theatre workshops. For the Festival STORMOPKOMST (in C-Mine, Genk and De Warande, Turnhout) she opens her research room to the public with the help of Andreia Rodrigues, Mieke Bombeke and Célia Fuchas.


From Enrica Camporesi in coöperation with Andreia Rodrigues, Célia Fechas
Production Enrica Camporesi, Platform 0090, STORMOPKOMST A work developed in cooperation with deSingel, De Veerman, hetpaleis, Monty, Rataplan, Toneel Academie Maastricht, wpZimmer, Zuidpool with the support of the Flemish Community


performance +/- 35'