enrica camporesi

Enrica Camporesi (1985°,Italy/Belgium) is an artistic researcher, artist and educational worker. Her practice spans across a variety of fields, especially shaping texts, illustrations and mindmapping, performances, collective events and educational workshops. Enrica longs for simplicity and clarity, but finds herself praising collectivities, excess, ambiguities and mistakes. Building on her observation and experience as a non-native speaker in various countries, contexts and languages, she is drawn to multitudes and misunderstandings. Her research aims at grasping meaning in its making. She makes stories for knowledge and encounters. There is hope in this endeavor. 


Currently, Enrica collaborates with artists Line Mertens and Duraid Abbas Ghaieb on Oef! The arousal of meaning, a publication and a lecture about what to do when encountering a hole. She gives form to Het gewicht van woorden (the weight of words), a workshop for kids, students and artists, at the intersection of thinking, writing and drawing. In 2021 she was awarded a research grant from the Flemish government for Oertaal: oefeningen (2020/2022): a founding myth of motherhood as creation and birthing of knowledge and language.


Enrica plays with what language means and how we do and transform things with our words: for Ahilan Ratnamohan, in Pidgin Zwolle (2022) she experimented with the format of Dutch learning classes for newcomers. She supported Anna Rispoli, in The Class/Close Encounters she developed an artistic/pedagogic trajectory with Brussels’ teenagers about social pressure and intimacy in the city (KunstenFestivalDesArts/De Veerman, 2018/19).


Her interest in language as a form of negotiation and performance found a first autonomous form in Performing the self - the interview (2017/2020, with Elena Mazzi), a theater play, video installation and publication staging the impossible dialogue of an asylum seeker and a protection officer before the interpreter arrives. While working as a social operator for people in migration, Enrica led and took part in several (participative) theater projects in Lebanon, Egypt, Italy and Belgium (2009/2020), collaborating f.i. with Zouqaq, TeatroDueMondi, KunstZ, Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, and the Italian Cultural Institute of Cairo.


Enrica holds a Master's degree in theater (Toneelacademie, Maastricht, 2023) and a Master's degree in Arabic language, history and literature (University of Venice, 2011), with a thesis about documentary theater in Beirut. She collaborates with theaters, publishing houses, schools and cultural institutions like De Singel, Fondation Thalie, hetpaleis, het MAS, Mestizo Arts Platform, Monty, Red Star Line Museum, Viernulvier, wpZimmer, ZUYD Hogeschool (Maastricht). She currently questions how to develop a long-term sustainable artistic practice.