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Performing the self - the interview

“Performing the self – the interview” stages the impossible conversation between a protection officer and an 

asylum seeker just before the interpreter arrives. An intimate dialogue about credibility and trust, mutual expectations and cultural misunderstandings in the unique juridical frame of the asylum procedure. What might happen before the long-awaited and overload moment of the interview begins?

Script with illustrations, references and a contribution by Carlos Amorales, published by Fondation Thalie in 2018 and 2023 (2nd edition). A work developed together with Elena Mazzi. 

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Un gatto un gatto

An irregular column about performativity in language, literature and theater, for Gagarin, Italian online magazine. (IT)


In altre parole word ik ook iemand anders

A hybrid review of the book "In altre parole" by American author Jumpa Lahiri, on functioning in a language which is not her mother tongue (published by Forum+, Amsterdam University Press, spring 2022). (NL)


Geweldige fouten: enkele gedachten over normnegotiëren, taalmaken en elkaarbegrijpen

An opinion text where Enrica pleads for a genuine intent in listening, beyond the mistakes or the norms, inspired by the Dutch guideline “Values for a new language in cultural projects” (published by Forum+, Amsterdam University Press, winter 2022). (NL)



Dramaturgy, writing and copy-editing for visual artist Elena Mazzi:

Dramaturgy and script for the mixed media installation Silver Rights (2021, published by Archive Books, 2022). Read an excerpt of the dialogues here


Script and translation for the short movie Muse (2019): a video into the nightmare of gender violence through the disorienting beauty of the Greek and Roman statues in the Antiquarium of Palazzo Grimani in Venice. … The statues are bodies that speak to us of distant lands and times, of love, violence, myth, pillage, death, and rebirth. The voiceover tells stories of rape, of abduction, of violent beings, both male and female. The text has been constructed by selecting myths in which violence plays a pivotal role, putting them into a broader narrative that ties this mythological past to the present and highlights how certain behavioral dynamics are still the same today. This visually powerful narrative takes us into the violent world of myth, based on power and domination, where violence is directly employed by a wrathful, lustful god. (critical text by Paola Ugolini)


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