happy happy together


Immediately following the debate Let’s talk about Turkey!, the Turkish choreographer Ilyas Odman will be showing happy happy together, a performative interpretation of Wong Kar Wai’s film happy together. Two men who are bound together by earrings try to be regain their independence; free, on their own.


Kaaitheater, deBuren & Platform 0090 present:


“happy happy together” is a sequel to ilyas odman's "glasstepsss" which explored the deep personal desire and quest to be united with another. In “happy happy together” two human beings / performers / characters search for an answer to the question: why we do keep on building relationships when all must end, through human failure, or ultimately through death.
Two men, attached to each other by their earrings, are trying to be alone again...free again... by themselves again...
“happy happy together” is a performative interpretation of Wong Kar Wai’s movie “happy together”.


concept and choreography ilyas odman performance ilyas odman, çağlar yiğitoğulları music happy together, the turtles, cucurrucucu paloma, caetano veloso dramaturgical support burcu barakacı light design alev topal, yüksel aymaz costume design serra kefeli   photography and photographical advice Ali Güler special thanks to Vincent Dunoyer,  Aydın Teker, Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Modern Dance Program