huseyin umaysiz

Huseyin Umaysiz was born in Turkey in 1969. He spent his childhood there and graduated in 1992 at the University of Istanbul, majoring in Economics. In the same year he started his professional career in the theatre world as an actor. In the 1990s, when it was forbidden in Turkey to expose the Kurdish language or culture to society, Huseyin worked for years in the landscape of Kurdish Theatre. He has written theatrical texts and has directed several plays. This caused him to land in Belgium in 1999 as a political asylum seeker. 


Soon he picked up the thread and was employed at the Kurdish Television Station, in Denderleeuw, within the Art and Culture editorial team. Here, during the years 2001-2006, he was writer and director of series for children/adults and reporter for news broadcasts. Huseyin Umaysiz continues his passion for art and theatre as artistic director at Theater Antract. 

Both in Brussels and Limburg, he has given several studios Cinema and Theatre. In 2017, he directed "Hou vast! - Laat los!", a play where theatre and performances merge and he made his entrance into the Flemish professional theatre world. In 2018 he travelled with this play to several theatres in Limburg, Antwerp and Amsterdam. 


He is fascinated by and investigates the effects of performances in which the body comes under pressure, vibrations that become sounds, movements of time rhythm and rituals.


STAGES PLACES is a series by Theater RAST: Huseyin Ymaysiz  

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