Platform 0090 is a sustainable international platform - a workshop and hub for research, creation, residency, production and presentation of trans-disciplinary art with attention for interspaces and hybridity.

Platform 0090 is anchored in a sustainable (inter) national network of artists and partners and converts emergent synergies into artistic processes.

Platform 0090 accompanies a group artists in their innovative and contemporary artistic process and plays an active intermediary and service role in multidisciplinary art processes.


Charlotte Bouckaert - Evelien Cammaert - Emre Hüner - Enkidu Khaled


Clément Layes - Pol Matthé - Thomas Ryckewaert


Huseyin Umaysiz - Mesut Arslan - Meryem Bayram - David Bergé



These artists are characterized by:


° An openness to different perspectives and disciplines (trans-disciplinary work).

° A will to push at the boundaries (literally and figuratively) and to break new artistic ground.

° An ambition to collaborate with artists from different countries and cities (contexts).

° A willingness to enter into a long-term relationship with 0090 (sustainability)